3D Game Development

Weather Photo Machine Lite

Finally an easy and complete way to customize pictures and create amazing wallpapers!
Forget about having to use multiple apps yo create cool backgrounds from your pictures...

With super customizable labels, you will now be able to enter any info such as:

•Contact information in case the device gets lost

•Date and location of the picture do you remember easily

•Program it to show with your preferences the hour and date

•Show weather conditions such as temperature wind or even humidity level!

Feel free to customize the texts' font, size, color, location etc...

The times of dull pictures and backgrounds is finally over! With an amazing ease and gorgeous creations get ready to impress!

Data that can be added to the image:

- Climate: Location, Temperature, Wind Speed, Pressure, Condition, Weather Symbol
- Date & Time: Full Date/Time, full date, Year, Month-Name, Day name, Day Number, AM/PM, Clock
- Custom Label

You can customize: Fonts, Alignment, Text Case, Text Color, Background, Text glow, Opacity.

You Export to: Facebook, Twitter and Email

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