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Web Recording Tool Lite

Get ready to impress and be impressed, with this first of a kind app that is not only extra original but super useful too!

Looking for the best way to explain or show someone how to navigate a specific area of the Internet but don't have the words for it? Show it with a video!

Tutorials have never been this easy to create and share! And even better with only ONE device! Sounds too good to be true!? It is!

Just start browsing with our app and decide when and what you'd wish to record: as simple as that!

With the amazing highlight feature you can show in the video the exact words or area you want to show!

Not only does it record what you are seeing but it also gives you the option to record what you are saying! Amazing!

Save your videos automatically and name them either by date or any other unique name for easy future access!

Sharing and uploading has never been this easy; as soon as you finish recording choose from the multiple options: send it via email, upload to Dropbox or share it on Facebook... Automatically!

What are you waiting for? You don't need to go grab your camera or use your device to record your computer's screen! Start navigating and recording with only one device ASAP!

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