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Whowanna is all about YOU! The world's first Real Time & Location Based Activity Network app that allows you to find people around you within a specific radius, at a specific time and interested in doing exactly what you want to do at that time.

- The best way to meet new people that like the same things as you do.
- The easiest way to arrange events with new people or your existing Groups.
- Grab a coffee, catch a movie or visit the gym - all whilst making new friends with little effort.
- Create an Event to alert a specific group of friends about a meet-up.

Whowanna is a great way to meet up with people who share the same interests as you. It’s a social network designed for now and keeps you interconnected with the world around you. Bored? Why not find an activity to participate in - such as grabbing a coffee or going to the gym with someone you’ve probably never met before? Whowanna is a great way to meet new friends - but feel like you have known them for a lifetime.

With Whowanna, you are not just restricted by what your friends want to do. You can connect with anybody in your local area and see what they want to do. You can also see if others want to participate in an activity with you. Then, you can send them a message and get going - it’s just that simple. If you want to do something with just your friends, you can create a ‘Group’ to connect with just those who like the same things that you do - meeting up has never been easier, or more open.

Simply, sign up using your existing Facebook login or create an account directly. Then, you have the ability to upload a personal photograph of yourself to the network. Check the Radar to see all of the activities and users around you with just one tap - you can also adjust the area settings to suit you.

Experience Whowanna today and start making new friends with those who like the things that you like.

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