You’re about to read some
disappointing stuff on
mobile game development.

So you have a great idea for a mobile game. You think the game will turn out super-successful.

Unfortunately, that's not how things work in the gaming industry.

If you study the top performing mobile games, you'll see almost all the hit games are based on proven ideas. Ideas that have been tried and tested. Ask any mobile game development company.

So it's more about how the idea is executed. How mobile game development is carried out. How the idea is turned into a game.

In short, execution is a great deal more important than just an idea.

A leading mobile game development company can turn your proven idea into a hugely successful game.

We can help

The gaming industry generated $75 billion
of revenue in 2017.

Not a single $ came from games that
were plain sh*t.

We’ve been developing games since 2011.

So we know a great deal about gaming.

Successful games make anywhere between $1,000 to a couple of million dollars every day.

But out of the approximate 2 million games out there, only a handful of games make real money.

That’s why when you present your gaming idea to us, we may have a different opinion.

Be prepared for a lot of suggestions from us.

Some of those could change parts of the game.

Or even change the entire idea you’re in love with.

As one of the top mobile game companies, we want your game to be successful.

We’d rather please the players than please you.

We want players to love your game.

That’s how we shape your idea into a beautiful, engaging and successful game.

A well-conceived game can do a lot better within the same budget.

No, there’s no guarantee your game will be superhit. But with us, it will surely turn out better.

In short, if it’s done by us, it will be done well.



You can make good money from games - but only from superior games

If we think the game idea cannot be turned into an amazing game, we refuse to build the game.

We say, “No. We don’t want to make that game. You’ll lose your money. Sorry.“

Look, we wouldn’t want to invest your money and our expertise into a game that’s sure to lose money.

Makes sense, right?

It’s good games that make money vs bad games that lose money.

So we’ll say “No” to bad game ideas.


Won’t change.

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