Main objective of this blog post is to give you an idea about how to do Magnify Glass Effect in Unity.



Step 1 Introduction

Sometimes it would be very necessary to implement Magnify Glass Effect in the game when objects or targets are small.

Such like these games:


Step 2 Implementation in Unity

In unity, it is very simple to implement the Magnify Glass Effect. Just follow the following steps to implement the Magnify Glass Effect:

  • Create one new camera object and set its projection type as per the main camera i.e. perspective or orthographic.
  • As per your requirement, set orthographicSize or fieldOfView of the camera (depending on camera’s projection type).
  • Set its pixelrect as per your requirement. For example if you want to show magnify glass at your mouse position and the size of glass to be 100 x 100, set pixelrect as per given below: magnifyCamera.pixelRect = new Rect (Input.mousePosition.x – 100f / 2.0f, Input.mousePosition.y – 100f / 2.0f, 100f, 100f);
  • Set the position of the camera. For example, if you want to show the magnify glass effect at your mouse position then set camera’s position at mousePosition’s world point.


Final Output:
  • ss-1
  • ss-2


The following C# script will create MagnifyGlass and move it to the mousePosition.

MagnifyGlass Script:

  • Add the following script on an empty game object.

Step 3 Code Sample

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class MagnifyGlass : MonoBehaviour
private Camera magnifyCamera;
private GameObject magnifyBorders;
private LineRenderer LeftBorder, RightBorder, TopBorder, BottomBorder; // Reference for lines of magnify glass borders
private float MGOX,MG0Y; // Magnify Glass Origin X and Y position
private float MGWidth = Screen.width/5f,MGHeight = Screen.width/5f; // Magnify glass width and height
private Vector3 mousePos;
void Start ()
createMagnifyGlass ();
void Update ()
// Following lines set the camera's pixelRect and camera position at mouse position
magnifyCamera.pixelRect = new Rect (Input.mousePosition.x - MGWidth / 2.0f, Input.mousePosition.y - MGHeight / 2.0f, MGWidth, MGHeight);
mousePos = getWorldPosition (Input.mousePosition);
magnifyCamera.transform.position = mousePos;
mousePos.z = 0;
magnifyBorders.transform.position = mousePos;
// Following method creates MagnifyGlass
private void createMagnifyGlass()
GameObject camera = new GameObject("MagnifyCamera");
MGOX = Screen.width / 2f - MGWidth/2f;
MG0Y = Screen.height / 2f - MGHeight/2f;
magnifyCamera = camera.AddComponent<Camera>();
magnifyCamera.pixelRect = new Rect(MGOX, MG0Y, MGWidth, MGHeight);
magnifyCamera.transform.position = new Vector3(0,0,0);
magnifyCamera.orthographic = true;
magnifyCamera.orthographicSize = Camera.main.orthographicSize / 5.0f;//+ 1.0f;
createBordersForMagniyGlass ();
magnifyCamera.orthographic = false;
magnifyCamera.fieldOfView = Camera.main.fieldOfView / 10.0f;//3.0f;
// Following method sets border of MagnifyGlass
private void createBordersForMagniyGlass()
magnifyBorders = new GameObject ();
LeftBorder = getLine ();
LeftBorder.SetPosition(0,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y,0)).y-0.1f,-1));
LeftBorder.SetPosition(1,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y+MGHeight,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y+MGHeight,0)).y+0.1f,-1));
LeftBorder.transform.parent = magnifyBorders.transform;
TopBorder = getLine ();
TopBorder.SetPosition(0,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y+MGHeight,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y+MGHeight,0)).y,-1));
TopBorder.SetPosition(1,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y+MGHeight,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y+MGHeight,0)).y,-1));
TopBorder.transform.parent = magnifyBorders.transform;
RightBorder = getLine ();
RightBorder.SetPosition(0,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y+MGWidth,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y+MGWidth,0)).y+0.1f,-1));
RightBorder.SetPosition(1,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y,0)).y-0.1f,-1));
RightBorder.transform.parent = magnifyBorders.transform;
BottomBorder = getLine ();
BottomBorder.SetPosition(0,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX+MGWidth,MG0Y,0)).y,-1));
BottomBorder.SetPosition(1,new Vector3(getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y,0)).x,getWorldPosition(new Vector3(MGOX,MG0Y,0)).y,-1));
BottomBorder.transform.parent = magnifyBorders.transform;
// Following method creates new line for MagnifyGlass's border
private LineRenderer getLine()
LineRenderer line = new GameObject("Line").AddComponent<LineRenderer>();
line.material = new Material(Shader.Find("Diffuse"));
line.useWorldSpace = false;
return line;
private void setLine(LineRenderer line)
line.material = new Material(Shader.Find("Diffuse"));
line.useWorldSpace = false;
// Following method calculates world's point from screen point as per camera's projection type
public Vector3 getWorldPosition(Vector3 screenPos)
Vector3 worldPos;
worldPos = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint (screenPos);
worldPos.z = Camera.main.transform.position.z;
worldPos = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint (new Vector3 (screenPos.x, screenPos.y, Camera.main.transform.position.z));
worldPos.x *= -1;
worldPos.y *= -1;
return worldPos;

I hope this blog post will help you to how to do Magnify Glass Effect in Unity. Let me know in a comment if you have any questions regarding Unity. I will reply you ASAP.

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