The main objective of this post is to Keep you updated with the latest optimization Techniques for Games developed in Unity.


Your game lags?
Players unhappy?
don't know what to do?

Well the answer is, your game needs "OPTIMIZATION !"

"Optimization is every important part while developing any game, As exciting and challenging as this may be, it makes it difficult for developers to get the information they need."

I found it almost impossible to get hold of information about techniques and algorithms that real developers used in their Optimized games. There is usually an atmosphere of secrecy about the coding techniques in top studios.

We realized that the time spent on optimizing a game is quite high, and decided that it is high time to share to the world of game developers, what we know about this important process.

So we have taken up an initiative and share valuable tips every day, and keep the community updated. we would also be very happy to welcome your ideas and techniques for the same.

Let us create an open community, and together move forward towards developing high quality AAA titles. :D

Tip Number Blog Date
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4 How To Make Your Games Run Superfast By Using Draw Call Reduction


5 How To Optimize Game Sound In Unity And Boost Your Game


6 A Simple How To Guide For Graphics Optimization In Unity


7 Learn Physics Optimization in Unity Easily


8 Create and Optimize On Head Health Bars in Unity



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