Main objective of this blog post is to give you an idea about how laravel framework is better mvc framework for web application



Step 1 Introduction

I may have solid artistic skills, and I enjoy web development, but the sad truth is that I’mm an awful programmer. I came to web development “the wrong way”, inserting blocks into my HTML code. I got depressed and despite having very stressed deadlines all around, decided to calm down and see how I can improve. I spent weekend learning Python, and it’s definitely more beautiful language than PHP, but the time was not perfect for such serious switch, so I started searching for PHP framework to help me do more in less time, and write better code.

Another several days passed, I browsed hundreds of discussions, discovered and carefully reviewed dozens of frameworks. Unfortunately, none of them resonated with me immediately. In case you’re curious, here is the incomplete list of candidates (scroll down if you’re not):


Step 2 My requirements

  • was easy DBe interaction as possible.
  • simple! I am single developer, unexperienced with frameworks.
  • must teach me good practices.


PROS: has all I need, great docs,lots of info, lots of users.

CONS: people say it’s dead, lots of what I don’t need; old PHP4 support means more and uglier code.


PROS: based on ???5, improved clone of CodeIgniter.

CONS: worse docs and backward compatibility, les users.


PROS: easy as a rectangle, got everything I need.

CONS: no longer maintained, that means no future support.


PROS: kind of industry standard.

CONS: way too big, I am no corporation (yet).


PROS: based on the Symfony2 components.

CONS: not all what’s there I need, not all I need is there.


PROS: good docs, almost ideal set of features, bright future.

CONS: you need to speak Czech to find info.

Simple PHP framework:

PROS: You need to dig deeper.

CONS: they say read the source code, no docs at all.


PROS: everyone likes it.

CONS: sorry I couldn’t really understand it.

Fat Free:

PROS/CONS: mixed feelings




Mixed feelings and this bieng the incomplete list. In despair, I decided to try again and start from scratch, reinvent my wheel again, just trying to keep my code more organized.

After a couple of days, and another failure was rising. Then suddenly, I heard about Laravel, an user on a social blog mentioned a framework I never heard of “Laravel” by Taylor Otwell.

As I was reading through the documentation. Every aspect of the framework is done the way I would do if I was an awesome programmer.


Step 4 Pros about Laravel:

  • It’s New and Young.
  • Because it’s new, it’s not yet as popular as it deserves to be.
  • excellent community.
  • I’m surely going to be a better programmer now.
  • Laravel tutorials and docs made me understood how MVC works.
  • I am a designer, and I judge things by their look. Laravel website is impressing.

I hope this blog post will help you how to Laravel Beautiful PHP Framework in Web. Let me know in comment if you have any questions regarding Web. I will reply you ASAP.

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