Main objective of this blog post is to help the users who are looking for iOS 64 bit support for their games created in unity.



Step 1 iOS 64 bit

Apple has launched new devices with additional functionalities and high efficiency.

These devices use 64-bit architecture, which means that now the developers will also have to add this support to their games and applications.

Apple’s new processor supports 64-bit ARM architecture. This architecture includes support for…

  1. Larger address space
  2. New and streamlined instructions set (which provides double integer and floating point registers)

In this architecture, all the integers which were 32-bits are now 64-bits, so if all this is not managed properly it will cause more memory consumption.

At the time of executing application on a device supporting 64-bit architecture, iOS includes both versions (32-bit and 64-bit) of system framework but it won’t load 32-bit libraries. So it provides functionalities like…

  1. Speed up application execution
  2. More responsive Games
  3. High performance of picture quality when user watches videos or movies

Step 2 Implementation

To add this support to your unity games, follow the steps mentioned below:


2.1 Create Project

To add this support, you need to have Unity 4.6.2 or higher version of it.

Create a project in Unity.


2.2 Add Support

To add support, go to “Build settings”.
Switch platform to “iOS” (if not). 



2.3 Change Player Settings

Go to “Player settings”.

In “Other settings” tab inside “configuration” heading, set “IL2CPP” to “Scripting Backend”. 



2.4 Build Project

Build your game so that it generates the XCode project.
Open the XCode project.
Select “Edit Scheme” option. 


Set “Release” for performance. 



2.5 Prepare Archive

Prepare archive and submit the game to iTunes.


I hope you will find this blog post very useful. While working with Unity - iOS 64 Bit Supported. Let me know in comment if you have any questions regarding in Unity. I will reply you ASAP.

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