Sharing my experience with You, which could prove to be of some help to you in setting a Good Mark in the company.


Hii.. Friendzz , It’s been just 15 days that I have entered into the most beautiful phase of my life. The phase for which I was anxiously waiting. Yes, my life has already taken a remarkable turn which I am going to cherish throughout my life. I have just joined a company as an Intern ... and have entered into the real battle of our life. A completely new world; that lies somewhere out of our comfort zones.

And so I just thought of sharing my experience with you ....which could prove to be of some help to you in setting a Good Mark in the company.

I believe if you are reading this blog post, you might have just stepped out of a School or College, on completing Bachelors or Masters and going to join an organisation without having any experience of the corporate world. An another case may be that you are facing a tough time in making yourself noticeable in the job or any other similar reason that might have instigated you to compare "My First 15 Days" with!

Firstly I would like to let you know that I am in a renowned IT company of Rajkot, The App Guruz, a Games and Apps Developing Company.

On the very first day of my job there were plenty of thoughts running through my mind. I believe it would be the same case with you as well. And definitely the first question would be… How to dress up on the first day. The fact is, it doesn't affect at all...!!

But what definitely matters is how you behave on the first day. Your approach to work matters more. It is the first point on the bases of which you are judged. We have heard it more often "Your first impression is the last impression.." I know you would think that this isn't always true.. yeah this isn't ALWAYS true but it is, in most cases. By the way, let me tell you it wasn't the case with me!

This is the phase where first time you make colleagues instead of friends. This is the time where in we have to prove ourselves as well as the confidence that our organisation has shown upon us by selecting us. But then comes the important question: HOW !! How to prove myself ?? Basically there is no procedure or any protocols that can be followed. It can only and only be done by hard work and dedication to work. As in I am also in this race of proving myself. Because the confidence cannot be achieved in one or two days; it is a long process.

When I was in college I was like, like a lazy person. It’s ok..type. If I would be late I would say..It’s ok yaar.. or not a big deal. If work isn't completed than too the first words that I would utter would be Its ok yaar or not a big deal. If any project is given and not submitted on time than too It’s ok.

My only intension to tell you this is that there was no specific goal in my life and the most important of all is there was no one to guide me. But now my each and every activity is monitored. I am learning the most important lessons of my life Punctuality, Responsibility, Management Skills and many more. If your mamma says that you are too irresponsible than tell her its just the matter of couple of days :))

When I hadn't joined yet I used to think, I couldn't even sit for 1 hour and work in college then how would I be able to sit 8.5 hours. But trust me I still can’t figure out how my 15 days are already completed. Those who have already worked earlier would definitely agree with me. But "Terms & Conditions" apply here too!!. The main condition here is work sincerely and main term is to work wholeheartedly.

One thing I would like to share that would be definitely liked by all. "PARTIES"...  yeah I thought that now after leaving college there would be no parties and no fun life I am just gonna miss them all but guess what I was proved wrong. Here every two or three days there would be party it could be an ice-cream party, dinner, lunch anything. I am pretty sure that you will not miss your college.

"So Friendzz , all the best as in you are going to enter into professional world. I have listed below a few things that should be taken care of."



College days are always golden days where we can do anything where we are king of our heart. If we go to college it is best for us if don't it is best for In short nothing much would be spoiled.

But here if we take leaves it would definitely be bad for us in terms of learning as well as salary. Apart from it, it’s badly affects your long-term career. It could also prove you irresponsible.


Communication is the only way of putting forward our thoughts and ideas to others. A good communicator is always welcomed by everyone. The only thing you should take care of is speak everything that's in your mind but also speak it precisely.

Try to be clear, loud and confident in whatever you are speaking.


A good behaviour and friendly nature is always liked by everyone. It helps in smoothen communication and develops better understanding. Being an introvert sometimes makes us boring and secluded person.

Try to stay in groups, make new friends, understand their likes and dislikes and develop a friendly approach. Try to learn professional Etiquette. In this professional world professionalism is the most important thing.

Its not the thing that is compulsory or if you don't do you are going to be fired but yeah It surely makes a difference and that too a big one. In professional life, it helps you to create a good impression among colleagues. It also shows that you respect others.


A strong personality is always good for your career. It shows that you are not the one , who gets carried away by small matters. It displays your management skills and your self confidence.


This is again a part of communication skill. Developing the power of persuasion will help you get ahead in business and personal relationships. Whether you want to convince a client to make a big purchase or convince your parents to let you stay out later on the weekends, learning to construct a solid argument, and understand the person you're arguing with, you can learn to convince anyone for anything.


This is the most important point one need to learn before starting anything. Most of the people make mistakes at this point. They always merge personal and professional life. Although this is easy to say but very difficult to implement in real world.


Self Evaluation is always the best teacher. This teacher would teach you, and also make you understand the main complexities of life. And that too without any


If you don't like anything or are against of anything then don't criticise anyone. Speak with a positive note. Respect the perspectives of others. It may be possible that the way we are thinking is wrong.

Just give your opinion and then let that person decide what to do. Because feedback is always welcomed rather than criticisms.

This is just a beginning of my career and I hope to complete it by setting a benchmark for others to follow. It gives me immense pleasure to share my " First 15 Days" with my readers. I hope you liked it.......

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