Main objective of this blog post is to give you an idea Object Pooling in Unity


Object Pooling is nothing but pool or buffer of objects & reuse those objects from that pool. To rephrase it simply, we can say Object Pooling is a collection of reusable objects.


Step 1 Purpose

CPU overhead & memory space is required to instantiate & kill the objects. With the use of object pooling, we can reduce this overhead by using the older objects (which we have already created before) that are not in use at that point of time.

So, object pooling can enhance the performance when we are required to work with a huge amount of objects that are expensive to instantiate and each object is only needed for a short period of time.


Step 2 Application

You can use object pooling where same types of objects are needed frequently for short amount of time.


Step 3 Examples

  1. Objects related to path generation in endless game.
  2. Rifle in a shooting game.
  3. Coins which are used in may kind of games.

Step 4 Implementation


4.1 Create Object

Make one empty game-object named PoolManager. Then Assign ObjectPoolerSimple.cs script to that.

pool manager


4.2 Create Cube Object

Make one CUBE as gameobject and assign it to Pooled Object field under ObjectPoolerSimple script in inspector.



4.3 Set Pool Amount

Set value of Pooled Amount (that many number of of clones will be made at the start) in inspector.


4.4 Pool Grow Property

Check the Is Pool Grow in inspector if you want to allow pool to grow during run time as more clone needed than Pooled Amount.


4.5 Max Grow Amount

Set value of Max Grow Amount in inspector. And must be more than Pooled Amount value. 



Pooled Object List shows the pool of objects as list in inspector. So basically it is used to trace the game-objects and length of pool-list i.e. the number of clones at run time.

I hope you find this blog is very helpful while working with Object Pooling in Unity3D. Let me know if you have any question regarding Unity 3D please comment here.  I will reply you ASAP

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