Mobile game development for the iOS platform has come of age and the future might just showcase the bright side up for indie mobile games and their development.


Self-publishing on consoles has evolved to become a new luxury for most premiere games consoles like XBox. Mobile gaming has spawned best-selling titles and has made some new reputations. A case in point is Rovio’s Angry Birds which launched the juggernaut that it is providing to be today. Casual gamers have increased considerably and the gaming industry expanded beyond console gaming to the mobile smartphone world.

The App Store is a huge contributor to the success of the mobile gaming world. Before the App Store was launched, gaming apps were quite difficult to procure and the variety of games were restricted to a selected few. The 'click and collect' method is taken for granted today, although some years back, developing a game and providing quick accessibility was a big problem for most.

In today’s gaming world, more is more. Games like Angry Birds have been a rage and then have featured in the big game consoles. But the future might see a reversal of process with new and independent games being developed for big game consoles like the Xbox One and PS4, which might then be made for the iOS platform.

Indie developers have long been developing their games for mobile platforms and there have been new opportunities waiting for them. Additionally various modes of revenue sharing are coming into existence with mobile gaming bringing in new opportunities for developers.

Major mobile platforms will continue to find it challenging to get customers to pay for games up-front. The increasing development and marketing costs would also be detrimental to their ROI. Hence, an alternate mode of revenue needs to be charted out for maximum benefit. Till then, free-to-play games are going to dominate the mobile landscape in terms of usage.

Top-grossing single-player games are sure to give way to more multiplayer titles which are available on a free-to-play basis. The success of such games is not going to affect original indie successes, but it is said that a hit indie title will be difficult to find in coming years.

Analysts presume that marketing and brand building is going to be important especially if they are aligned to the needs and wants of an audience. Developers and publishers will have to be extremely strategic about their marketing and they would need to understand acquisition better along with methodical spending.

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