This blog post will help you to create pixel art tiles objects.


Sometimes, we have to create full background of pixels which is a huge task and even consumes a lot of time. So, at that time it is preferable to create a seamless tile set.


Step 1 How To Create Stone Tile Set ?

How to create a stone tile set?
Stone tile set can be used to create any stone shaped background.


Step 2 Create A New Document of 30 x 30

1. To create a tile set, first you need to define the size of individual tiles.
- Here I have taken a tile of size 30 x 30. It’s good to keep document size as small as possible in pixel art so that pixels can be seen clearly.
- Take a new Photoshop document of size 30 x 30 and fill it with solid color of stone.
- When working with pixel art it is essential to work in full zoom. So zoom in your doc as much as it fills your display.


Step 3 Select Pencil And Draw Stone Pattern On New Layer

Select pencil tool from brush tool options, and start drawing stone pattern in the new layer.
- To create seamless tile set it’s necessary to draw tile end so that it can be joined to the other end.
- Use Rulers wherever needed, it will help you to make similar tile ends.

  • drawing-stone-pettern-1
  • drawing-stone-pettern-2

- Now there is a seamless tile set which needs to be filled with little details.


Step 4 Add Some More Depth, Lighting and Shadow

For detailing purpose, you can add little more depth to every stone edge by making it bolder.
- Create a new layer for extra depth and fill it with relative color.


- Remember to see your pixel art in 100% zoom when you do any changes because sometimes what you make in pixel art is not what you are looking for.

4. Now, to give a 3D view to your stones, put a lighting layer and give lighting to all the stones with relatively bright colors.


- Light always brings a shadow along.
- Now, you need to put the shadow on another side of the stone. Pick a dark color of stone color and give shadow in the new layer.


Step 5 Tile Looks at 100% Zoom

- Let’s check how our tile looks when 100% zoomed.


Step 6 Resize The Document For Bigger Stone Tiles

- We have created a tile which is seamless. Let’s have a check by resizing doc size to 3 times more and by arranging the tiles near to each other.
- For that I suggest you to first ‘group’ all the layers of tiles and save it as a backup. Take a copy of that group to work on further.

  • group-all-the-layers-of-tiles-1
  • group-all-the-layers-of-tiles-2

- Hide original group and merge the copied one in a single layer.
- Resize document by 3 times.

  • resize-document
  • in-a-single-layer

- Arrange the tile on document and zoom out 100% to see the result.


To create a tile set, you may crop the original tile in some random shape such that it’s one or two ends may join to the original tile end.
- Create tile set variations by making different shapes.
- Our main tile has a Zero end, it means that it can be joined to other tiles from all the sides.
- Think about other combinations like one end, two end, three end or four end.
- For that use original tile and crop the required side of the tile.
- For example, see one end tile given below:


Step 7 Tile Set Variations


- I just erased some of its parts in such a way that it can be joined to other tiles from all three sides.
- Note that sometimes you will have to create an extra adjustment tile for joining 1 end, 2 end or 3 end tile to your tile set.
- See the two end tile given below:


- Re-crop some of the tile part again and it becomes a two end tile.
- A three end tile can be joined to one side.
- See the example –


- A tile which does not have any side that can be joined to other tile is a four end tile. It stands individual.


- You may think of more and more shapes and combinations as per your requirement and can create a large number of tile from the same tile set.
- Hope you enjoyed and learnt something more about pixel art from this blog. Be connected for more Pixel art updates. Thanks You.

I hope you will find this blog is very helpful while working with Pixel Tile Set. Let me know in comment if you have any questions regarding Photoshop. I will reply you ASAP.

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